2014 AFF Meeting Schedule
All meetings are held at the North Bowie Community Center - 3209 Stonybrook Dr.,
Bowie, MD and are open to the public.
Bowie Community Center doors open at 11:00 AM. Business meeting begins promptly
at noon. Doors close at 3 PM.
January 12, 2014 AFF officer elections and annual Cirrincione party.
      A special vote will be held at this meeting to decide whether the club will accept
       a new logo celebrating it's 25th anniversary.
March 9, 2014 AFF fund raising auction.
May 18, 2014  Joint meeting with the MGS. Dr. Thomas Cronin will speak about
                         "Climate Change and the Artic".
July 13, 2014   Mark Bennett and Jim Patzer will talk about the New Jersy Fossil Show.
Sept 14, 2014  "A special anniversary party". The AFF celebrates it's 25th year!  Good
      food and great friends to share it with. Who could ask for anything more? 
Nov 9, 2014 "Show and Tell".

2015 AFF Meeting Schedule
Jan 11, 2015  The annual "Cirrincione Holiday Party". AFF officer elections.
March 8, 2015 The Annual Fossil Auction. Great deals to be found. Bring in your extra treasures
        and support the club.
May 17, 2015  Joint meeting with the MGS club. Dr. Stephen Godfrey will cover some of the recent
        fossil discoveries from Maryland.
July 12,  2015  Member Bill Heim will speak about Lamnid sharks. Bill's expertice on sharks 
        guarentees an informative lecture. Expect to see a lot of samples from his extensive
        shark jaw collection.