American Fossil Federation

Welcome to the AFF Website. Before you enter, take a moment to enjoy some of our members exciting fossil finds below and polished with the best rock tumbler.

About AFF

The American Fossil Federation (AFF) is a vital, active, energetic organization comprised of both amateur and professional paleontologists plus collectors who are bonded by a love of fossils.
The club emphasizes education. Most meetings feature speakers giving presentations on topics of interest to fossil collectors. Additionally, members are active with fossil displays at our meetings. It’s a perfect time to share their knowledge and have fossils identified.
All meetings are open to the public. We hold 6 meeting each year-all at the North Bowie Community Center in Bowie, MD (3209 Stoneybrook Dr., Bowie,MD). Meetings are held bi-monthly on the second Sunday of the month starting in January (except in May when the meeting is held on the third Sunday of the month).

For more information about the AFF please contact us at:
Jim Patzer

Articles submitted by our members for your review.

  1. This is a great reference for identifying sharks and their teeth. A lot of real shark dentition photos.
  2. A member discovers a new triangular shaped echinoid. Click Here
  3. A member discovers a new Eocene crab and has it named after him.
  4. A member discovers a new Moon Rock during low sea tide. Click Here
  5. A member discovers a new fossil billfish and has it named for him.
  6. A member discovers, and describes, a new Eocene crab.

AFF Meeting Schedule

All meetings are held at the North Bowie Community Center - 3209 Stonybrook Dr. Bowie, MD and are open to the public.
Bowie Community Center doors open at 11:00 AM. Business meeting begins promptly at noon. Doors close at 3 PM.

2025 AFF Meeting Schedule